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A university lab + design collaboratory 


The Daplab is a collective of  learning scientists and co-designers who partner with community members and organizations. Our work is backed both by academic and practical knowledge and directed towards the most pressing needs of community partners.

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 what we do 

Eyes on the sky, feet on the ground (and a handful of sticky notes).

Design is our language

We use design-based methods to co-create technology, platforms,
curricula, social programs, and strategic initiatives with students,
teachers, families, and districts, as well as private and governmental

Learning is our target

We produce knowledge and tools that imagine, re-design and facilitate how children and adults learn.

Partnerships are our way

We have expertise in facilitating community partnerships, co-creating with communities, and translating future imaginations into strategic plans for implementation and continuous improvement.

Equity is our core.

We build from the histories and assets of our community partners. We are attuned to creating culturally sustaining solutions that come from the community.

 your next read 

Designing in Context: Reaching beyond Usability in Learning Analytics Dashboard Design.

Ahn, J., Campos, F., Hays, M., & DiGiacomo, D. (2019). Journal of Learning Analytics, 6(2), 70-85.


the dappers

June Ahn & Jenny Han & Christopher Martinez & Fabio Campos & John Lopez & Seth Van Doren & Julie Salazar & More.



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