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to help educators improve their practice

Edsight is a visual analytics platform designed to spur new insight, learning, and decision-making for teachers, instructional coaches and researchers who are involved in improvement efforts or research-practice partnerships.​ The goal of Edsight is to design effective ways to collect data of instructional practices and communicate trends back to educators. We are looking for novel ways to foster insights so that educators continually reflect upon and improve their practice. We are also exploring how the design and conditions of data-use improve interpretations and enhance teaching and learning.


PMR2 and the Daplab have published several academic papers describing how Edsight was designed and used by educators, and highlighting several implications for design and education practice. Our work is centered on how designing-in-partnership shapes the way technologies are conceived, developed and utilized by stakeholders.


We also developed concepts such as Generative Uncertainty, an interpretive stance towards educational data that leads to sustained inquiry.

Edsight is part of our work within the larger PMR2 network (Practical Measures, Routines and Representations). Initiated in 2016, the PMr2 network involves four RPPs (Research-Practice Partnerships) between three school districts and four universities in the United States.

Edsight and all products within the PMR2 network are developed by UC Irvine, UC Riverside, University of Washington, Vanderbilt, Stanford, and NYU, and supported by the National Science Foundation.

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