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daplab at the AI K12 Deeper Learning Summit: spark talks, workshops, and codesign sessions with students!

On Friday, March 1, the UCI School of Education cohosted the AI K12 Deeper Learning Summit in partnership with the Anaheim Union High School District, Digital Promise, and aiEDU. Over 690 were in attendance from 35 states and 3 countries at the Westin Hotel in Anaheim, CA.

June gave one of the key Spark Talks for the day, which you can watch here:

Minh, Selina, and Celia (intrepid undergraduate RAs) helped facilitate June's on-site workshops around the Careergram and 5C projects. It was awesome to see so many educators engage with our work!

That same day, the rest of the daplab team hosted 40 AUHSD students at the UC Irvine School of Education as part of the AI Summit day activities. These middle and high school students watched June's talk via livestream, reflected on the use of AI in education, toured the campus, enjoyed delicious cuisines at the campus dining hall, and participated in codesign sessions related to our 5C projects!

You can view a recap of the event here:

Credit to Kennedy High School IB Film student, Anthony Lu for the amazing recap video!

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